The Sid


Welcome to the website devoted to seeing what can be done to protect and enhance the River Sid, England’s shortest river and the only river to be entirely within a single parish: we are helping the Sid river!

Alongside the Sid river

About the River Sid – The Sid

There are currently two active projects devoted to the improving the river:

Fish Pass – The Sid

Monitoring Water Quality – The Sid

Both of these are under the umbrella of the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group, set up to ‘enhance the biodiversity of the Sid Valley’:

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

Sid Valley Biodiversity | Facebook

This website has been put together as a resource by the Vision Group for Sidmouth, as partner to the SVBG:

biodiversity – Vision Group for Sidmouth

With a page here of reports, guidance and other resources:

Resources on the River Sid – The Sid

For general information about the geology and history of the river Roger Trend’s book Sidmouth’s River is very useful.