Welcome to the website devoted to the River Sid, England’s shortest river and the only river to be entirely within a single parish: we are helping the Sid river in all its glory!

Alongside the Sid river

About the River Sid – The Sid

The Sid is full of stories and presents many facets.

It’s divided into several distinct sections:

Stretches along the Sid – The Sid

There are a lot of things going on which interest both local and national media:

In the press – The Sid

But many of these stories stretch back in time:

History of the Sid – The Sid

With a lot of art, culture and creativity on the way:

Art and Culture along the Sid – The Sid

One of the primary concerns today is looking after the River’s biodiversity:

Nature Recovery – The Sid

There are currently two active projects devoted to the improving the ecology of the river:

Fish Pass – The Sid

Monitoring Water Quality – The Sid

Finally, there is the ‘hard infrastructure’ of the Sid – from its natural geology to its human engineering:

For general information about the geology and history of the river Roger Trend’s book Sidmouth’s River is very useful.

With a page here of reports, guidance and other resources – from photography to documentation:

Resources on the River Sid – The Sid