There are otters to be seen along much of the stretch of the Sid – from the mouth to way upstream.

Here they are in the Byes park: 

Otter has eel of a time in The Byes | Sidmouth Herald

Sidmouth resident catches rare footage of otter in the River Sid | Exmouth Journal

They might even be up in the fields of the Donkey Santuary:

Otter watch launched at Devon Donkey Sanctuary site – BBC News

Photographer Paul Clayden has taken some fabulous photos of otters over the years:

PHOTOS: Otterly adorable pair plays in river near Sidmouth

Sidmouth photographer captures beauty of The Byes | Sidmouth Herald

As has Simon Horn:

PHOTOS: Eagle-eyed photographer spots otter feeding near Sidmouth

This was taken in August 2021 by the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group:

River Sid: The Shortest River in England? – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

There are all sorts of stories told about otters, as told by Janet Dowling:

Folklore tale a reminder that actions have consequences | Sidmouth Herald 

With a warning here of how we must take care of otter habitats:

Otters on the river Sid: how a habitat was destroyed.