On this page, we consider the general topography of rivers in the south west of England and their fish populations.


Here’s a guide to our river fish from the International Centre for Ecohydraulics:

What’s that fish?

We put an underwater camera in a local river and filmed some great footage of the species we have here in Southampton. Now it’s up to you to identify the species. Don’t worry we will help!

This activity will inform you about the amazing and interesting species we have in rivers not far from our homes. As well as learning about river-dwelling species you will get to experience life underwater from the perspective of a fish.

Watch the videos below and try to identify the fish from rivers and ponds… If you need some help, click here to access the identification guide.

Can you identify these British river fishes? SOTSEF 2021 – YouTube

What’s that fish? | ICER


14 December 2021: A new study has found that high cover of aquatic plants increases the abundance, growth and feeding of juvenile salmon:

In response to three decades of declining Atlantic salmon in most of their native range, scientists are looking at how the management of juvenile habitat can maximise the numbers and quality of seaward-migrating salmon smolts to increase survival at sea and the number of returning spawners...

Dr Rasmus Lauridsen, Head of Research at GWCT and supervisor of the study said: “Wild salmon populations have declined dramatically, in some areas by as much as 70 – 80% in the last 30 years. The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) has been monitoring salmon numbers in the River Frome, at our Salmon & Trout Research Centre since 1973. Creating one of the most comprehensive records of salmon movement and survival in England and Wales.

GWCT research finds that high levels of aquatic plant cover benefits the abundance, growth and feeding of juvenile Atlantic salmon during summer