Sidmouth’s culture could be said to have started on the River:

Sidmouth has been a community for hundreds of years, it appears in the Domesday Book, which was published in 1086 under the name of Sedemuda, which translates as Mouth of the Sid, with the name coming from the River Sid which runs through the town and into the Sid Valley.

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And in fact, there are some wonderfully creative looks at the River, by visitors and residents alike.

Here’s a fabulous portrait of a Scottish piper on the Esplanade:

River Sid and Sidmouth – Alan Jones Images

Meanwhile, at the mouth of the River, there are several creative projects happening:

Sidmouth’s new ‘coral reef community garden’ starts taking shape |

New Sidmouth School of Art website showcases their work | Sidmouth Herald

And if we make our way up the River, we come to the ford – where we see the Folk Festival in full swing:

Dancing the “Nottingham Swim” – Ceilidh in the Ford, Sidmouth, 2021 – YouTube