“Nature recovery” is about looking after and enhancing species and habitats, in these parts:

Nature recovery at East Devon – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And within the wider context:

Creating a nature recovery network for East Devon and the UK – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Nature recovery, biodiversity net gain and the Environment Bill – Vision Group for Sidmouth

The government has set out its vision:

A national network of wildlife-rich places to increase and restore nature, and the role of the delivery partnership and management group.

Nature Recovery Network – GOV.UK

the Sid's varied habitats
The Sid has varied habitats

Nature Recovery and the River Sid

The focus of these pages is how we can enhance the nature recovery of the river and its tributaries.

Here are the sections on looking after the quality of the waters of the river system in the Sid Valley:

Monitoring Water Quality – The Sid

Water pollution on the Sid – The Sid

Here is the part looking at how the River can be made more accommodating to migrating fish:

Fish Pass – The Sid

And there are pages on specific species along the River:

Bats along the River – The Sid

Finally, there are several organisations keen to help:

Nature recovery – what other groups are doing – The Sid