The Sidmouth Herald has taken us through the Byes more than once.

Here’s a personal pictorial view from photographer Alex Walton:

By the Byes…

Photographer Alex Walton searches for an elusive kingfisher in the tranquil green space in the heart of Sidmouth.

First light is usually the ideal time to photograph wildlife as few people are around, birds and insects are just waking up and the golden sunlight after dawn often creates superb lighting conditions. For the past month I have been on the trail of a kingfisher, which I heard had been seen fishing in the River Sid in the The Byes.

Sidmouth Byes Pictures | Sidmouth Herald

The symbol of the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group is the kingfisher:

The group’s new logo and myths surrounding the kingfisher | Sidmouth Herald

And here’s a walk along the River from spring 2022:

Sidmouth Biodiversity Group update on The Byes | Sidmouth Herald

Visitors also love the Byes, as shown by the number of photos and accounts of walking along the River:

River Sid – The Byes – Picture of The Byes Riverside Park, Sidmouth – Tripadvisor

As do local photographers. Here’s one showing how rough the River can be by Lewis Clarke:

Sidmouth : The River Sid © Lewis Clarke cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland