The Sid Valley Biodiversity Group was set up in June 2020:

The Sid Valley Biodiversity Group brings together people from several of the valley’s community groups to pool ideas and expertise about how to promote and enhance the wonderful natural wealth of the valley.

The Sid Valley Biodiversity Group – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

the Sid's varied habitats

A Nature Recovery Plan

One if its key aims is to help the Town Council with its Biodiversity Action Plan:

working with the community and relevant organisations to develop a nature recovery plan for Sid Valley based on research and evidence.

Our Plan – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

Interestingly, in the months since the Group was set up, the notion of a ‘nature recovery plan’ has replaced a ‘biodiversity action plan’:

Enhancing and enriching the biodiversity of Sid Valley is a gradual process and we can expect incremental changes to be made year on year. In the short term we will produce an action plan with measurable objectives. This will ensure that our work is focused, achievable and that it makes a difference. When we have gathered sufficient data and drawn some conclusions we will work with the community and various organisations to develop a nature recovery plan for the valley.

We will report on progress to Sidmouth Town Council through their Environment Committee. The public will be informed about and involved in our work and we willreport, as required, to relevant organisations such as nature and wildlife groups.

Our Plan – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group

As it’s now very much about ‘nature recovery’:

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