Over the years, lots of videos have been taken of the River Sid – from gently-flowing by to floods.

Here’s a personal portrait of Sidmouth from 2012 – the last section taking us along the River:

Since my last visit the river Sid has swelled and is now a brown torrent. The natural ford I was going to show you is rather underwater. We then go up to the public park – paid for by the local community – and then around a secret garden area with wonderful flowers and very expensive houses.

On.. Sidmouth; where my mum lives – A Travelogue – by – YouTube

Here’s another video from 2012 – of the floods which ran amok through the Byes:

This video shows a selection of sites along the River Sid both during the dramatic floods of 7th July 2012, and again three days later. The contrast is amazing!

Sidmouth and The Byes during and after the July 2012 Floods. – YouTube

Here’s a film taken in November 2021 of an otter wrestling with an eel on the river:

Sidmouth Community | This morning… Wow