There has been a lot of interest over the last decade or so in creating a fish pass on the River Sid, to enable migrating fish, particularly salmon, to make their way up the waters to their traditional spawning grounds.

Here’s a special page on this site dedicated to fish in the River:

Fish in the River Sid – The Sid

Every autumn, the salmon are caught and transported upstream, as the weirs are too high for them to jump:

River Sid | Devon Rivers Forum

The media has taken an interest in these various efforts:

In the press – The Sid

A small group was set up in early 2020 under the auspices of the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group, focussing on the School Weir, a little up river from the Toll House at the entrance to the Byes.

There is a special page on this website dedicated to this project, although access is limited:

School Weir – The Sid

It’s pictured in the Wikipedia article on the River:

River Sid – Wikipedia

This is also the photograph which comes up on google maps for the Byes park in Sidmouth:

The Byes – Google Maps