“Nature recovery” is one of the key features of the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan – and one of the key interests of the Town Council’s Environment Working Group, which is responsible for the ‘sustainability’ parts of the NP.

A Biodiversity Action Plan for the Sid Valley

A priority for both the NP and the Working Group has been to implement a ‘Biodiversity Action Plan’

The Town Council now has it’s own Environment Policy – and is keen to:

Protect, and where possible enhance, the designated green spaces and corridors, conservation areas,
and views, as laid out in the Neighbourhood Plan.
(see page 6)


The Neighbourhood Plan is very explicit about these green spaces and corridors – and the river system in the Sid Valley is at the centre:

The Environment Agency Flood Zone 3 of the River Sid and tributaries; the Glen Goyle and Woolbrook Stream in the Neighbourhood Area are defined as Green Corridors as shown on Map 10, 11 and 12. Development within the Green Corridors will be required to maintain and where possible enhance the biodiversity of the corridor and allow uninterrupted passage of wildlife. (Policy 4)


And in the Community Actions of the NP, there is a specific aim:

Community Action BN02 Biodiversity: To create and implement a Biodiversity Action Plan for the Sid Valley.