Restoring wetlands

How much stress is the RIver Sid under at the moment? How much of the Valley’s ‘blue corridor’ should be restored – to help relieve this stress long-term? Here is a piece from today’s Independent: Wetlands ‘must be restored on enormous scale’ to cope with […]

Invasive species on the Sid

In “The Living Rivers Report 2013 -14 “on the Sid catchment commissioned by the SVA, the Devon Wildlife Trust pointed out that if Japanese Knotweed is not dealt with it becomes a problem that grows exponentially. The fear is that this is creating issues in […]

River: new perspectives

To really appreciate ‘the shortest river in England’, perhaps we need some new – and really big perspectives. Here’s something really big – and very beautiful on BBC Four this evening: River River takes its audience on a journey through space and time spanning six […]

Bridges over the River Sid

There have been several bridge projects along the river of late: ALMA BRIDGE: The new Alma Bridge opens – Vision Group for Sidmouth (Oct 2020) New Alma Bridge nearing completion – News (Sept 2020) Futures Forum: New plans for Alma Bridge an ‘acceptable compromise’ (Sept 2017) Futures Forum: […]