Action on the River Exe

There is determination on the River Exe to actively promote the health of its waters:

The South West of England embraces almost 25 per cent of all the migratory salmon and sea-trout rivers in England and Wales. The River Exe and its tributaries form one of the largest and most diverse catchments in the South West of England. The River Exe & Tributaries Association represents the riparian owners, rod fishing, and other river interests on the Exe system. The Association is a pro-active organisation of 135 members, and has a long and proud history of excellent practices and endeavours. It is a principal member of the South West Rivers Association, an organisation which represents all the 18 salmon and sea-trout rivers in the South West of England.

House of Commons – Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs – Memoranda

RETA has been around for some decades and is primarily concerned with the river’s ecology and fish:

Like many English, and other, salmon rivers, migratory fish stocks here are diminishing and we seek to halt that decline. RETA is the one voice of the river that seeks to act as the guardian of the River Exe and its riverine ecology – its fish, (especially salmonids), its flora and and its fauna — ‘from moor to sea’ This website is home to RETA – the River Exe Tributaries Association. It outlines what RETA is, what we, RETA, do and the work we are engaged in to restore the best salmon fishery in the south west of England – the River Exe.

RETA – the River Exe and Tributaries Association

A new group has emerged, concerned about the impact of pollution on the river:

Friends of the River Exe: supporting communities to protect, restore and celebrate our river

Friends of the River Exe – FORE | Facebook

They have just launched, with meetings and a call to action:

In response to current outrage about the state of our rivers, we are setting up Friends of the River Exe. It’s a time of great threat for all our waterways nationally, and alongside others across the country, we are inviting communities along the Exe to act now to save our river. We hope you will join us! Our aim is to be a voice for the river, bringing together the diverse grass roots organisations and people who live, work and play along the river Exe and its tributaries – to protect, restore and celebrate our river. To get us started we are holding three people’s assembly style “River Conversations” to pool ideas about what actions we can take together. We invite you to be a part of this.

River Conversations with Friends of the River Exe – Exmouth Tickets, Tue 25 Apr 2023 at 18:00 | Eventbrite