Are our river protections failing?

Today’s regular webinar from the Wildlife Trusts looked at how well current rules and regulations are protecting our rivers – which would include the River Sid:

Wild LIVE: are our river protections failing?

In this month’s episode, we’ll be discussing the state of our rivers in the UK and why, despite legal protections being put in place, many of them are in a dire state. We will be coming to you live from the River Wye, which is just one of the many rivers suffering from devastating species loss, to hear from the experts about how bad the situation is, what’s causing the problem and to understand whether anything can be done about it.

Helping us to understand this topic and answer your questions is our expert panel:

Feargal Sharkey – Lead singer of The Undertones and campaigner for cleaner rivers

James Hitchcock – Chief Executive of Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

Sarah James – Intensive Poultry Unit farmer keen to reduce the farms impacts

Nicola Cutcher – Journalist and documentary maker, passionate about the state of our rivers

We will also hear from Vice President of The Wildlife Trust’s Iolo Williams about his memories of the River Wye and Professor Paul Withers from Lancaster University on his research into phosphates delivery and cycling in rivers.

Wild LIVE: are our river protections failing? – YouTube