Celebrating the Salmon Run 2023

Last month, there was a lot of positive happening along the River Exe:

Salmon Run 2023 – The Sid

The Tidelines site tells how it went – including a podcast:

Listen here to the 27 minute Salmon Run podcast which celebrates this remarkable species, its migratory journey and its ecological and cultural significance for the Exe, Exeter and globally. It features:  Westcountry Rivers Trust; Jamie Stevens, fish genetics at Unversity of Exeter, David Solomon, salmon researcher, Michelle Werrett, fisherman on Exmoor, Andy Chadwick, fisherman at Topsham, Tom Cadbury, RAMM archaeology curator and Holly Morgenroth, natural history curator at RAMM. Listen HERE

Salmon Run 2023 – Tidelines

And Rob Hopkins of the Transition Town movement gives his personal perspective on the weekend:

Last month, the River Exe came alive with song, night swimming, stories and a wild salmon run for the first Festival of the River Exe. Transition co-founder Rob Hopkins hears about the three Transition groups who collaborated to protect, restore and celebrate their local river, harnessing public outrage at the state of our water and transforming it into local action.

United by the flow of the River Exe – Transition Together