Helping to educate youngsters on the state of our rivers

Here’s an excellent new tool brought out today by Surfers Against Sewage:

We’ve launched a brand-new scene at Digital Ocean School, our immersive 360-online platform that reimagines the future of ocean education, to help educate young people on the state of our rivers and seas and how they can take positive action.

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About the new scene

Ever wondered what happens when you flush something down the loo? Or where agricultural run off goes after heavy rainfall? Or maybe you just want to know if the water is safe to go into?

With our new Water Quality scene, you can immerse yourself in our 360 river location nestled down in the South West. Explore facts and videos and test your knowledge with our Water Quality quiz! 

This new scene will help you learn to how to stay safe if you are going into the water for a swim, bathe or surf and will help to drive awareness and action on the importance of maintaining healthy rivers and seas.

Jump in (virtually) and investigate the quality of UK waterways to understand how they are connected from source to sea!

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Why water quality?

Healthy rivers and waterways are crucial for wildlife who live and depend on their ecosystems for survival. In addition to this, they provide people with natural sanctuaries that support physical and mental wellbeing. But pollution continues to plague our rivers, seas and coasts, making us sick, spoiling our favourite swim spots, destroying delicate ecosystems and threatening ocean recovery.

We believe it’s a human right to be able to swim, surf, paddle and bathe in safety without getting sick, and that nature should be able to thrive in an environment that’s free from chemicals and contaminants. And so understanding the connection of our waterways is a pivotal factor in knowing how to protect them. 

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