River: new perspectives

To really appreciate ‘the shortest river in England’, perhaps we need some new – and really big perspectives.

Here’s something really big – and very beautiful on BBC Four this evening:


River takes its audience on a journey through space and time spanning six continents, showing rivers on a scale and from perspectives never seen before.

BBC Four – Arena, River

Very beautiful – and very precious. We take our rivers so much for granted.

Rivers are the wondrous sculptors of the elaborate landscapes found on planet earth. They wear away mighty mountains, scour rock faces, carve deep valleys, create fertile plains, and then decorate them with their meanderings…

All is not lost – yet. Rivers are irrepressible, and given the chance, possess miraculous powers of recovery. Also, the cycle of renewal continues. Upon vanishing into oceans, the heat from the sun draws rivers up into the atmosphere, ready to fall back to earth reincarnated.

River 25 July 2022: Arena on BBC Four