Sidmouth, the River Sid and welcoming visitors

The Sid Valley’s attraction goes beyond the charms of its regency town and spectacular cliffs. 

The travel pieces in the papers also look at other sides of the place: Sidmouth holidays: The cream of Devon resorts is appealing at any time of year | Daily Mail Online

Including along the River Sid:

This spectacular circular walk showcases the Regency town of Sidmouth. Starting with the stunning views across the Sid Valley, the walk takes you down into Sidmouth town through the woods and fields of Salcombe Hill and then upriver through The Byes, Sidmouth’s lovely, tranquil riverside park. National Trust spring walks – with directions

There are all sorts of suggestions of further walks up the River: A Walk along the Sid Valley – Explore Devon and Explore The Byes this winter – Visit Sidmouth

Some wonderful wildlife can always be spotted – and at any time of the year – with this charming report from January: In pictures: the wildlife of the River Sid | Sidmouth Herald

The River is so photogenic:

the Sid's varied habitats

photo by Mary Walden-Till of the VGS