The past, present and future of trout on the Sid

Trout have been seen on the River over the years:

Trout on the Sid – The Sid

The Wild Trout Trust is certainly interested in trout on the River, with its recent visits and reports:

River Sid, Devon Advisory Visit | Wild Trout Trust

Anglers too are naturally very keen. Here’s a discussion on the Devon Rivers Forum about catching trout on the Sid back in 2015:

River Sid | Devon Rivers Forum 

With a beautiful video of “Hen and Cock Sea Trout covering a redd in the River Sid DEVON UK… 25 November 2015” – where the female is creating a place to deposit her eggs near School Weir:


Earlier this year, the Herald carried a photo of a kingfisher “catching small sea trout like a demon” – caught by local wildlife photographer Mark Taylor Hutchinson: 

In pictures: the wildlife of the River Sid | Sidmouth Herald

Finally, here’s a look at the different types of trout to be found in the Atlantic:

Types Of Trout: 13 North American Trout Species Broken Down

It would be good to see them up to leaping up School Weir…

Leaping Sea Trout – – 1021829.jpg – Wikimedia Commons