The River Sid from Plyford to Sidbury

The River Sid rises above Sidbury and runs through the charming village – with recent photos and report from the Herald: 

Historical links in Sidbury | Sidmouth Herald

The levels of the River at Sidbury are not too high:

River Sid at Sidbury :: the UK River Levels Website

As this photo from further up the valley shows:

This ford on the River Sid is one of several on this woodland approach to Plyford Farm

Ford at Plyford Farm © John Walton :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

However, this photo shows what a sudden spate of flooding can do, even further upstream:

Flood damage near Plyford Farm © David Smith :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

With another photo of the ford, from 2012:

Ford on River Sid © David Smith cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

The head of the valley above Sidbury is also the home to some ancient woodland – which helps to keep the erosion at bay:

‘You can’t see the trees for the wood in Sid Valley’ | Sidmouth Herald