Citizen science on our Westcountry rivers

There’s a huge amount of interest in our rivers – and citizen science can determine the state they’re in:

Campaigners believe their work could lead to real change in the water quality of British rivers and beaches by raising awareness of problem pollution areas. According to a report by the Environmental Audit Committee, England’s rivers are “in a mess”, contaminated by “a chemical cocktail” of sewage, agricultural waste and pollution. 

The Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT) trains citizen scientists to take samples legally and safely.

Citizen Scientists: ‘We’re doing it for our children’ – BBC News

Teams of citizen scientists like these in Modbury are given suggestions for testing sites by the Westcountry Rivers Trust

Today’s Inside Science on Radio 4 gathered a panel to talk further about what data is being collected – and what can be done about it:

River health has captured the public imagination, particularly as overspills from sewers have been getting more attention in the media.

BBC Radio 4 – BBC Inside Science, What makes a healthy river?

Meanwhile in the Sid Valley, there is a very active citizen science project at work – also working with the Westcountry Rivers Trust:

West Country Rivers League Table 2022. – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group