Fabulous photos – tales by the river in August

These pages have taken us through the seasons along the River Sid – but not yet high summer.

And for a summer snap-shot, we have to start on the beach:

August 2006: “The river seems to disappear into the shingle.”

Mouth of the River Sid, Sidmouth © Rich Tea :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

Then there is the fun of  the ford:

Driving Through The River Sid Ford At Sidmouth, Devon – YouTube

There is another ford, very much further upstream:

August 2012: “As this is close to Plyford Farm, I assume that this was called Ply Ford.”

Ford on River Sid © David Smith cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

Finally, for some fabulous photos and for some stories from along the River Sid, why not try the local social media pages:


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