Could the River Sid see the reintroduction of water voles?

It is understood that water voles were previously active on the Sid, but disappeared – with speculation that this might have been about thirty years ago. There have been reports of their ‘return’, but as yet there is no confirmation from film or any other evidence, which is perhaps surprising, as water voles are not too perturbed by human presence, if they are indeed in residence.

We would need some further research – certainly before considering any reintroduction of water voles, as this could cost some £10 thousands.

Here’s a new page on the River Sid website which looks as some of the research and reintroduction projects undertaken in the West Country: Water voles along the Sid – The Sid

We do need to be doing our bit though, to help this endangered species: 7 of the Most Endangered Species in the UK | Earth.Org