Grants for water monitoring project on the Sid

River Sid at Fortescue © David Smith :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

Monitoring the quality of the waters of the Sid is an essential part of looking after the river:

Monitoring Water Quality – The Sid

So much so, that the Town and District Councils have given generous grants for monitoring equipment: 

Firstly, the Town Council’s Environment Cttee  have provided funds for additional water quality tests to use in both river and sea water:

Water monitoring project funding request (up to £1000) Jan Metcalf had requested up to £1000 to monitor the water around the river

Sid  Minutes of a Meeting of Sidmouth Town Council’s Environment Working Group held on Monday 25 April 2022 at 6.30pm

Secondly, the District Council have also provided funds: 

Sid Valley Biodiversity Group have been granted £333.52 for their project. They will purchase scientific equipment to carry out a tree survey, hedgerow survey, herbaceous survey, and a monthly water quality survey of River Sid and tributaries.

Small Community Grants – Grants given out so far – East Devon