Fabulous photos down by the River in September and October

There have been more spottings of otters along the Sid: 

Saw one crossing the Ford They run very fast so hopefully they all make it but a sign to let visitors know they’re there might help. SIDMOUTH community for the people | So lucky to spot this little guy in the Byes | Facebook

Good morning Otter, welcome back . Spotted in the Sid by Milford Road. Sidmouth Pictures | Good morning Otter, welcome back | Facebook

Egrets are being seen more and more along the river: 

Little egret. Used to be quite rare but many more around these days. SIDMOUTH community for the people | Terrible photo I know | Facebook

White Egret on the river Sid in Sidmouth this morning. Paul Clayden Photography | Facebook

With more from Paul Claydon – several wonderful shots of the dipper in the river:

Shots of a Dipper fishing in the Byes today. Sidmouth Community | Facebook and Sidmouth Community | Facebook

Just posted by the SVBG – a rare sighting of a swan:

They nested regularly back in the 1920s. Tindall’s beach diaries feature them and their cygnets often. Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | Facebook

Here’s a fine photo of a a small, strangely shaped fish – caught with a team of helpers by water monitor Jan Metcalf of the SVBG – with thanks to Jan:

Bullhead/Miller’s Thumb caught in the Byes yesterday! Sid Valley Biodiversity Group | Facebook

Here’s a photo from another professional – Kyle Baker – with an aerial view from the Ford down to the River mouth. Quite spectacular:

The Ford, Sidmouth  Where the Sid meets the Sea! SIDMOUTH community for the people | Facebook

With more at the mouth of the River:

At Sid-mouth: Sidmouth Pictures | At Sid-mouth | Facebook