Invasive species on the Sid

In “The Living Rivers Report 2013 -14 “on the Sid catchment commissioned by the SVA, the Devon Wildlife Trust pointed out that if Japanese Knotweed is not dealt with it becomes a problem that grows exponentially.

The fear is that this is creating issues in the Lower Sid Valley.

As SVBG member and lead of the group’s water monitoring project, Jan Metcalf says:

“The plant needs very robust, informed treatment wherever it grows and should never be allowed to take hold. There are some small patches in and by the river as it flows through the Byes. The speed of growth is staggering.”

Japanese Knotweed Law UK – Legal Advice [2022 Guide]

The following photographs were taken in the Lymbourne area on the morning of 25th July:

“Photos 1 and 2, 10 m apart – knotweed growing on the west bank. Knotweed on right of photo 2 – there is a considerable amount of Himalayan balsam in the area also.”

“Photo 3 shows a bit that had been responsibly removed just S of the Sid Park Rd Bridge. Obviously some of the rhizome had remained and it is now regrowing [see between hogweed].”

Finally, see this piece in the Observer:

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