Otters on the Sid

Over the years, there have been several spottings of otters along the River Sid. Here are some postings on the Sidmouth Community for the People Facebook pages – with lots more comment in the threads.

During lockdown in April 2020, the wonders of nature were out and about:

On my exercise walk tonight I have watched Little Egrets, ducks, fish and even an Otter playing in the crystal clear waters of the Sid…

SIDMOUTH community for the people | On a positive note, at least we are giving the planet a well deserved break | Facebook

Here are some fabulous photos from October 2021:

SIDMOUTH community for the people | Just been for a lovely walk down the byes and saw the otter 😁 | Facebook

And here’s a little film from November 2021 – again with lots of enthusiastic comment:

Today was the first time that we have ever seen an otter in the wild!

SIDMOUTH community for the people | I know lots of people have seen the otter/otters in Sidmouth, and there are some great photos and videos | Facebook

With another video from January this year:

This morning… I was delighted to see this 50 yards upstream from the weir.

SIDMOUTH community for the people | Though I’ve been walking along the Byes for over seven years, I’ve only three times before caught much more than a glimpse of the otter(s) | Facebook

More from the local media from the last couple of years:

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Watch rare footage of an otter in the River Sid | Exmouth Journal

PHOTOS: Eagle-eyed photographer spots otter feeding near Sidmouth

PHOTOS: Otterly adorable pair plays in river near Sidmouth

And more from these pages:

Otters along the River – The Sid

Finally, this was taken in August 2021 by the Sid Valley Biodiversity Group:

River Sid: The Shortest River in England? – Sid Valley Biodiversity Group