The heat wave and the river’s waters


A couple of weeks ago, these pages looked at how the waters of the river are extracted sustainably:

“How we manage water availability in the East Devon catchments” – The Sid

All around the country, though, this is under considerable pressure:

With record temperatures of 40C or more forecast by the Met Office in the coming days, farmers are being urged to reduce their water use, where possible, to help conserve dwindling supplies.

Water warnings as Met Office issues first ever ‘Red’ alert – Farmers Weekly

And yet, farmers are under particular pressure:

Farmers have warned of a ‘significant challenge’ posed by the extremely dry weather as they try to keep crops fully watered in the face of rising fuel, electricity and fertiliser costs during the heatwave gripping Britain.

UK heatwave: Crops suffer lowest rainfall in 26 years as farmers raise water concerns | Daily Mail Online

Ford across River Sid at Fortescue – June 2019



The heat wave is also affecting the creatures who live in the river’s waters.

These reports are from this time last year – and conditions are even more stressful this summer:

Extreme heat waves are putting lakes and rivers in hot water this summer

Video shows salmon injured by unlivable water temperatures after heatwave | Climate crisis | The Guardian

This is from last month:

As the mercury climbs this weekend, water temperatures are also expected to increase. Warmer waters can spell bad news for salmon, especially if the temperatures stay warm for long periods of time.

Hot salmon: Heat wave brings concern over river-water temperatures – OPB

With this overview from earlier this week:

6 ways the UK’s heat wave is affecting wildlife and the environment |


Ford across River Sid at Fortescue © David Smith cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland